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Poet's Shirt

Poet's Shirt

Pattern No. 217
Misses 6-16; Men's 34-44

The Romantic Revival of the early 19th century found expression even in the way poets dressed. Byron Shelley, and Keats, wore their collars open- a revolutionary digression from fashion! French authoress George Sand took not only a man's name, but men's clothing to express her views on the equality of the sexes.

Our Poet's Shirt dates from the 1820s and 1830s, and was wrapped with a carefully tied cravat. Boys' collars often had an added ruffle, and were worn open.

Two versions of the poets shirt pattern are included; one with the ruffle, both on the neck and the cuffs, and one without as well as the cravat pattern. A diagram for the triangular cravat and instructions for tying it are included in the section called Poet's Shirt Lore and Authentic Detailing, as well as a simple openwork technique used on the collar of the our original.

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